List of Hong Kong Hiking Trails

Here we have listed Hong Kong's popular hiking trail names. If you would to know  a particular trail's details or more information about it, please click on the trail name and it will take you to the particular trail's side where you can get more information about it. Also we added photographs tell you more about the trail visual details.

Hong Kong Island Hiking Trails 
  • Pottinger Peak 
  • Brisk Hill 
  • Long Fu Shan 
  • Dragon's Back 
  • High West 
  • Victoria Peak 
  • Tai Tam Tuk 
  • Quarry Bay 
  • Mount Nicholson 
  • Tai Tam 
Lantau Island Hiking Trails 
  • Lantau Peak 
  • Sunset Peak 
  • Tung O Ancient Trail 
  • Chi Ma Wan 
  • Yan O 
Kowloon Hiking Trails 
  • Razor Hill 
  • Amah Roak 
  • Amah Rock 2 
  • Kowloon Peak 
  • Temple Hill 
  • Lion Rock 
  • Mau Wu Shan 
  • Black Hill 
  • Tseng Lan Shue 
New Territories Hiking Trails 
  • Castle Peak
  • Check Keng 
  • Cheung Tsui
  • Ho Pui Reservoir
  • Hung Shek Mun
  • Kai Kung Leng
  • Kai Shan
  • Kap Lung
  • Nam Sang Wai
  • Ng Tung Chai
  • Ngau Wu Tun 
  • Pak Nai
  • Pak Nai 2
  • Plover Cove Reservoir
  • Sharp Peak 2
  • Shing Mun Lower Circuit
  • Tai Lam
  • Tai Long Wan
  • Tai Mo Shan
  • Tai To Yan
  • Tai Tun
  • Tin Fu Tsai
  • To Kwa Peng
  • Tsang Pang Kok Tsui
  • Tsim Bei Tsui
  • Wong Chuk Kok Tsui
  • Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail
Hong Kong Outlying Islands 
  • Yim Tin Tsai 
  • Sharp Island 
  • Po Toi 
  • Grass Island 
  • Tung Ping Chau 
  • Lamma Island 
  • Tung Lung Chau 
  • Peng Chau 
  • Cheung Chau 
  • Picnic Bay 
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